Sunday, July 31, 2005

Assets(i) planning

We can therefore split assets(i) planning into 2 sections:

1. Career planning
2. Financial planning

Career planning is about finding career satisfaction and building the earning capability of your human assets. You will need financial planning to protect your human assets, i.e. life insurance, at this stage.

Financial planning is about building, managing and protecting your financial assets. For many of us, it is also about the plan to move our income generating pattern away from human assets and toward financial assets.

Part 1 : The conventional idea
Part 2 : The breakaway wisdom: income and assets
Part 3 : Building assets(i)
Part 4 : Assets(i) planning
Part 5 : Further exploration on the principle

Quick takes
1. The principle in a nutshell
2. Definition of assets(i)
3. Classes of assets(i)

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