Monday, May 23, 2005

Classes of Assets

Generally there are four classes of assets.
1. Human assets: your skills, knowledge, labour, time, etc.
2. Paper assets: stocks (learn the basics), bonds, mutual funds, options, etc.
3. Real estates, and
4. Businesses

The key to effective assets planning is to find the most effective combination of the four in every stage of your financial life. You must then know
a. the strengths and the weaknesses of each class of asset,
b. how their strengths complement each other's weaknesses, and
c. your financial position in deploying a strategy

Part 1 : The conventional idea
Part 2 : The breakaway wisdom: income and assets
Part 3 : Building assets(i)
Part 4 : Assets(i) planning
Part 5 : Further exploration on the principle

Quick takes
1. The principle in a nutshell
2. Definition of assets(i)
3. Classes of assets(i)

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